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H Jinhui Plastic Hollow Back And Seat Foldable Outdoor Chair/Training Chair

  • Plastic Foldable Chair
  • H Jinhui
  • FC-02
  • PP+powder coating steel
  • 48*55*84cm
  • 3.5kg
  • 6pcs
  • OEM & ODM
  • Portable+Foldable

Product Description


How to choose a good chairs? H Jinhui Will Tell you more.

Finish:Choose the oil injection not powder injection,power injection easy to come off.
● Painting:Choose the stoving varnish (baking),spary painting will peel off after crash.
● Welding:Seamless Welding,cheaper quality with big seam and gap in welding palce,not choose the full welding,it make chair in bad looking.
● Rail:2 rails of the leg more stronger.
● Tube:Choose 20mm diameter by 1.0mm thickness not 18mm by 0.8mm thickness,18mm diameter will cheaper but not stronger,18mm diameter it will easy to bend during the event for the people like shaking the chair.

Plastic Foldable Chair

More Details

Plastic Training Chair (1)

The Hollow Back

The back has a curved design, which is suitable for the body structure of the arc as a back, greatly increasing the comfort.

Plastic Training Chair (2)

The Seat Of Chair

Vacuum suction surface,Environmental protaction,wear resistance, cold resistance, waterproof,aging resistance.

Classroom school student training chair with wirting pad

The rivet folding knob is more durable

Perforated curved seat, fitted to the buttocks, breathable and comfortable

It also can equipped with wirting pad and storage frame, as a classroom school student training chair.

Training chair

Plastic Training Chair (3)

Strong and Durable, Bearing can up to 300KG

The four corners of the legs of the chair are supported with thick support, which can evenly disperse the gravity, strong load-bearing and greatly prolong the service life.

Plastic Training Chair (4)

Humanized wirting pad

Equipped with water cup, pen slot, It's more comfortable to use. The Writing board and chair link closely, explanation is firm, use does not appear wobble.

Independent removable tablet, can be turned out, more convenient to sit in.

Officient Folding Chair

More Types For Choose

Premium Steel Folding Chair:

Folding Chair with Tablet Arm:

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