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H Jinhui Garden Modern Classic Plastic Outdoor Chair For Leisure

  • Plastic Diamond Chair
  • H Jinhui
  • PSC-02
  • PP Reinforced Material
  • 45cm * 80cm * 56cm * 53.5cm
  • 2.6
  • 6
  • OEM & ODM
  • Plastic Diamond Chair
  • PP Plastic Molding

Product Description

Product Overview

H Jinhui Comfortable Modern Plastic Dining Chair.

With the Large volume,Loose and comfortable chair surface,Wide back,It's comfortable and relaxing.

Perfect for outdoor use.

More Details

Because the lines of the chair are very much like the corners of a diamond,So we called it Plastic Diamond Chair.

plastic modern dining chairs (3)

            Real material, Durable

plastic modern dining chairs

      Smooth edges, easy to use

plastic modern dining chairs (2)

Circular chair back, Unique Shape

Thickened material, with enough material, more durable.

Triangle non-slip foot, Safety,

Prevent scratching of the floor.

Product Test

H Jinhui Plastic Chairs adpot high quality enhanced PP material,The product can bear up to 200kg.


stackable plastic patio chairs (8)



stackable plastic patio chairs (20)

Reception Room



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