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H Jinhui Elegance Crystal Ice Stacking Napoleon Chair Clear Chiavari Chair

  • Crystal Chiavari Chair
  • H Jinhui
  • PSC-04
  • PC-3000UR
  • 92cm*40cm*41cm
  • 4pcs/Ctn
  • OEM & ODM
  • Crystal Chiavari Chair
  • Detachable

Product Description

H Jinhui Chiavari Chair With Different Material And Types


H Jinhui have many types of chiavari/bamboo chair,they have different types and made of different material.

There are 11 types of crystal clear chiavari chair, they made of PC-3000UR material.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly,It's tough, very strong and durable.

The seat of the chair and the part below of the seat are the same, but you can see they have different back of the chair.            

You can choose the different chairs back as you like. Below are the picture for your reference.

Chiavari Chair (2)

Chiavari Chair

Napoleon Chair (2)

Napoleon Chair

Crown Chair A

Crown chair

Crown Chair B

Crown chair (3)

Crown Chair C

ghost chair

The ghost chair

Phoenix chair

                      Phoenix chair

The princess chair

Chiavari Chair

Chiavari Chair Back A

mesh back Chiavari Chair

Chiavari Chair Back B

Napoleon Chair

Chiavari Chair Back C

More Details
Chiavari chairs (4)

Secure seat back,

Made from imported acrylic.

Chiavari chairs

Pure transparent seat surface,

Even more brilliant in the sun.

Chiavari chairs (3)

Tight interface,

Fixed with hexagon screw,

Easy to assemble, more stable structure.

Chiavari chairs (2)

An integrated body and moulding,

By large injection molding equipment, with advanced technology (pressurized flow).

We Also Provide

H Jinhui Also provide the seat cushion, and other material and colors chiavari/bamboo chairs are available.

chiavaribamboo chair cushion

chiavaribamboo chair


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