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H Jinhui Is a professional manufacturer of chairs since 2003 in china.

We provide all kinds of Chiavari Chairs for all over the world.

During the past 20 years, With excellent quality, affordable prices, and quality service, our bamboo chair is sold to the world, and won the unanimous praise of customers.

Due to the development of e-commerce, it has a great impact on traditional sales, So we-H Jinhui has moved into the online sales market, But we guarantee the same quality and consistent service, Let you enjoy the most favorable price to the best quality service and the most first-class commodity quality!


H Jinhui mainly includes metal and plastic Chiavari chairs.

Due to the Chiavari chairs are often used for weddings, activities, party, event, etc, It requires that the chair be wear-resistant, waterproof, durable, and light, So instead of wooden bamboo chairs, we only make plastic and aluminum or Iron Chiavari chairs.


More Details about H Jinhui Chiavari chairs:

1.Models: White Chiavari chairs, Gold Chiavari chairs, Ice Chiavari chairs, silver Chiavari chairs, resin Chiavari chairs, acrylic Chiavari chairs, aluminum Chiavari chairs;

PP with 3 Tube Chiavari chairs, PP with 7 Tube Chiavari chairs, aluminum with 3 Tube Chiavari chairs, aluminum with 7 Tube Chiavari chairs;

Iron with 3Tube Chiavari chairs; Iron with 7 Tube Chiavari chairs;


2.Material: PP or Aluminum/IRON;


Iron Pipe: Diameter 28 or 35mm for choose, thickness: 1.0mm,1.2mm for choose.

Aluminum Pipe: Diameter 28 or 35mm for choose, thickness: 1.8mm or 2.0mm for choose.

PP Pipe: Diameter 28mm;



Aluminum/steel Chiavari chairs:

Stackable Package: Aluminum/Iron: 450PCS/20GP 1200PCS/40HQ;

Resin Chiavari chairs:

Detachable :850PCS/20GP 2000PCS/40HQ


4.Seat cushion: Professional fit cushion optional, inquiry consultation.


5.Accessories: Screws, Gaskets, Hardware Accessories


6.Colors: transparent acrylic, White, Black, Gold, Silver, Rose-Gold, Brown, Flash silver, flash red gold, coffee, and more than 10 other colors are available.

We also provide customized processing services, the colors will be made as you need.


7.MOQ: one 20ft container will be warmly welcome. 200 pieces of Chiavari chair is the MOQ for beginning cooperation. 

3% Free hardware accepted.



Your logo can be printed under the seats, so you can take back easier during rentals.

Both Aluminum Chiavari chairs and Resin clear transparent charivari chairs are popular more than 100 years in kinds of weddings.

H JINHUI Sincerely Welcomes Your Inquiry