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Why our metal chair could be used outdoor?

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Why our metal chair could be used outdoor?

As we all know, Tolix metal chair usage wide very widely, not only dining room, sitting room, study, the bedroom, bistrarbo, coffee room, bar, these indoor usage, but also outdoor.


Many seller told you their Tolix metal chair only suit for indoor, due to their powder coating do not add anti-UV material. When put their chairs outdoor expose to the weather, sun and may rain, the painting will off, then the chair will rusty slowly.


Outdoor leisure became more and more popular, you need a chair could used outdoor, no need worried about it will pill off painting and rusty, no need worried about chair weight too light(like plastic chair), may run by wind.

Our Tolix metal chair, metal bar stool use national standard metal iron material, thickness reach 1.0mm. Our powder coating use the best in our country and add anti-UV material, Totally could used outdoor.


Before powder coating, we pickling and phosphating our metal chairs and metal stools.Please check our powder coating line picture:


This marking test for testing our chair painting firmness. You can found no painting fall from chairs.


You could testing your metal furniture painting firmness in this way too.