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What is the Advantage of Metal Chairs?

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What is the Advantage of Metal Chairs?


Why is the metal chair popular all over the world?

Learning that there are many interested customers curious about it.

Next, please allow me to introduce the Advantage of metal chairs.


1. Various styles and Muti-colors.

There is not only one style of metal chairs.

Such as chairs and stools, metal bar chairs and metal bar stools.

And it can be matched with different cushions, PU seat and wooden seat.

You can use them both indoor and outdoor, a chair is muti-purpose.

About colors, maybe you can’t imagine there are more than 30 colors for metal chairs.

For all colors, which can be do matte and glossy.

Except regular 7 colors, there are also industrial and antique colors for option.

And we also accept customized colors after you send color card or color picture for reference.

Different color would fit different styles, which makes metal chairs more wide use in various scenarios.

colorful metal chairs

2. Stable and Durable.

As you know, the raw material is metal.

Originally metal material is more stronger than other materials, like plastic or wooden.

Which means the weight capacity of metal chairs is much heavier.

If you own a restaurant, metal chairs are the best choice for you when you need.

Considering there are many customers flows every day, heavier weight capacity is a good protection to people.


metal chairs


3. Easy to Stock and Clean.

The metal chair is stackable, usually stacked 4-6pcs, at most up to 16-18pcs.

Its helpful to save much space when you do stock.

And when it comes dirty, its also easy to clean.

Originally the surface of iron plate is not smooth.

But after production, each side and corner were Polished, and final step is powder coating.

The molded metal chairs are waterproof and sun protection.

Its not easy to be dirty, even if it is, you can use wet towel to clean it easily.

stackable metal chairs




Above are some advantages of metal chairs.

Hope its helpful for you to know about JINHUI products.

If you are interested in more details, please dont hesitate to send inquiry.