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Shoe Rack, DIY originality, Your space, beyond your imagination !

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Shoe Rack, DIY originality, Your space, beyond your imagination !

DIY Shoe Rack :

Are you still worried about having nowhere to put your shoes ?  Are you still worried about the small size of your house and no space to put your shoes ? Are you still worried about no place to put your shoes at the end of the season ? Contact us, these problems can be solved. Today we are introducing you one simple DIY shoe cabient.

shoe rack1 (5)

6 layer, large capacity :

You can make it yourself, and assemble whatever pattern you want. Free combination, remove 1-2 layers can put you high boots, and its 6 layer, large capacity, can put 42pairs. 

shoe rack1 (1)

Multi-layer storage space, sneakers, flat shoes, high heels, make your life more organize and  comfortable. Diversified storage, fashion life experience, more convinent. Different styles satisfy different needs to receive a demand.

Stable storage, strong and durable :

Heighten paragraph layer board can adjust a design, receive as the heart. coarse structure, layer by layer more stable storage.

shoe rack1 (6)

Structure and material : 

1: Adopt high quality steel tube, its round and thick, strong and durable, strong load-bearing force, with spray paint treatment, no drop paint, durable and rust resistance.

2: Velcro shutter foor design, fast and convenient, the shutter operation is simple and converient, design fashion, according to your needs can be freely retractable, after the curtain up on both sides of the use of Velcro fixed, beautiful and generous. What’s more open and close the curtain smoothly, effectively prevent dust from entering.

shoe rack1 (3)

3: The high toughness and thickness of the clasp is 360°tight, the clasp is made of high quality polypropylene original plastic, octagonal structure, 360° tight steel tube, and the shickness is three times that of ordinary cartoon.

4: High quality coated non-woven cloth for the partition layer, easy to clean, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, surface coating treatment, you can use wet cloth direct scrub. 

shoe rack1 (2)

5: The bottom of the shoe cabinet is equipped with feet and made of new PP material. Which is about 5cm from the ground, after placing the shoes, the partition layer is guaranteed not to fall to the fround, which is sufficient to protect against moisture and insects and has stronger stability.

shoe rack1 (4)

It is compact but not simple. Every desgin is close to life, creating a modern atmosphere, simple and generous.

If you want get this product, pls feel free to contact with us, we'll be always at your service.