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Powder Coated Hairpin Legs- 2 Rod & 3 Rod

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Powder Coated Hairpin Legs- 2 Rod & 3 Rod

hairpin legs

www.hjinhui.com DIY Hairpin Legs has you covered for all your table leg needs with the largest selection of Hairpin Legs anywhere. 

We offer our 3Rod hairpin legs in heights from 4" - 40"  and they can be finished in raw steel or choose from all of our powder coated colors. 

You can choose either 3/8" or 1/2" diameter steel rod. 

They are great for coffee tables, kitcken tables, end tables, standing desks, office desks and much more. 

Snag a piece of lumber, get some DIY Hairpin Legs and you're all set!

View Powder Coated 3Rod Hairpin Legs at:


Our classic, timeless 2Rod hairpin help you can create a mid-century modern statement piece, live edge table or piece of beautiful furniture from a stump, piece of plywood or pallet.

Cold Rolled Steel: For a better finish and stronger legs

Solid Welds: Creates super strong hairpin legs that will last you a lifetime

Lifetime Guarantee: We stand by our legs for life.

1. Hairpin Toy Legs for Kids

hairpin legs (2)

2. Slab Wood Hairpin Leg Desk

Hairpin legs (3)

3. Multi Purpose Table with Hairpin Legs

hairpin legs (4)

4.  Hairpin Leg Conference Table

hairpin legs (5)

5.  Custom Hairpin Cabinet

hairpin legs (6)

6. Hairpin desk brackets


7. Hairpin Plant Stands

Hairpin legs (8)

Accept Custom! GET IT RIGHT NOW! 

This is an awesome product and we believe you will love it and put it to great use!