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DIY Accessories

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Want to DIY? Learn About H Jinhui Metal Legs Accessories!


If you want to make a narrow coffee table for your family room, or if you found a cool piece of reclaimed lumber on the side of the road,

and you want to make a coffee table for your room.

Or If you want to Holds up a nice heavy slab of black walnut with some something?

Never Missed H Jinhui metal legs!


H Jinhui Provide you 16 Inches Black Hairpin Legs, 6 Inches Home Hairpin Legs for Coffee and End Tables.

16" Black Hairpin Legs with 3/8" Diameter, Set for 4 Heavy Duty 2 Rods Table Legs, for DIY Desk, Stand, Bench.

6" Home Hairpin Legs can be used for Coffee and End Tables, Chairs, and Home DIY Projects.

We also provide 5.3-Inch Height Modern Furniture Sofa Legs Metal Table Cabinet Cupboard Feet DIY Replacement Parts.


H Jinhui metal legs are very solid/sturdy and great for coffee table, dining room tables, and cabinet or cupboard.


Features of H Jinhui Metal tables:

1.Heavy Duty Solid Steel

The heavy-duty legs come with a satin black powder-coated finish and will support up to 300 lbs.

2. Easy Installation

Simple to install. The mounting bracket is pre-drilled with holes for quick assembly.

3.Strong Base:

These Hairpin Legs are made with a solid mounting plate, and flawless form giving you a strong, balanced, and stable base. Put your fancy coffee mug on the table, or some other fancy decoration,Never worry about the table being weak.

4. Anti-Scratch:

Even after years of use, these Hairpin Legs will look sleek, modern, and defined. The Industrial Steel is completely rustproof and can even be used on outdoor furniture. Rain or shine Hairpin Legs work great on exterior tables, making the table a lot less bulky than heavy wooden legs.


Our equipment is advanced, has the specialty technology and the designers

It can be customized according to customer demand, the independent production design, welcome to figure to sample processing customized!


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