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Metal Tolix Chair Good Review

Views:15     Author:Kelly     Publish Time: 05-26-2020      Origin:Site Inquire

Metal Tolix Chair Good Review

Here is a good review from our Malta customer Mr. Jesse.



Mr. Jesse runs a small bistro, named “TWO BOUYS BISTRO” in 106 Triq Spinola San Giljan, Malta, he wanted to change his old chairs for his bistro, and found our metal tolix chair on website, he felt in love with our metal tolix chair at first sight. As he said, they are so suitable for my bistro when I saw your chairs.

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The negotiation went very smoothly and pleasant. There was only a problem in whole process, the sea transport a little slow, but finally Jesse received our chairs.


“Chairs delivered... thank you for all your help Kelly. They are perfect. I’ll send you a photo once we have them set up” Jesse told this to me on Whatsapp when he received our chairs at the first time, we can feel how expected our metal tolix chairs he was.

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After Jesse installed our metal chairs, he took some pictures of his bistro sent to us and said “You have given amazing service. If I ever need anything again I’ll be ordering through you. Thank you so much for the chairs and help through it all” 

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Here, please appreciate beautiful scene from Mr. Jesse’s bistro, and if you travel to Malta in future, TWO BOUYS BISTRO is a good choice for dinner.

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