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Metal Tolix chair -- a chair that meets all your requirements

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First introduce the source of the metal Tolix chair:

As early as the early 20th century, the Frenchman Xavier Pauchard opened a steel houseware factory with his original galvanizing technology. Although this chair, which was originally designed for outdoor scenes, captured many cafes due to the hollow design of the chair surface and the non-rusty materials, its unsatisfactory storage aspect appeared. After receiving suggestions from the cafe owner, Pauchard continuously adjusted his design, so it was not until 1956 that the outdoor chair named Tolix Chair was finally born.



Since then, with the development of times, customer demand has become more and more. The metal Tolix has not only been eliminated by the market, but also made it more popular due to its huge variability.


1. Tolix Chair is perfect for shop owners who want to show their retro aesthetic taste.

Our factory has four classic distressed colors: Antique copper, Antique silver, Antique white and Antique color. No matter if you want to match your industrial style decoration house or for your retro restaurant and other places of business, this Tolix chair is a good choice for you


2. For shop owners who want to showcase their brand, the tolix chair that can add a logo is also the first choice

There are many large wholesalers who buy chairs for a chain store and want to print the brand's logo on the product. Our metal Tolix can achieve this. In front or back of the backrest, as long as you provide us with patterns, we can Help you achieve it.


3. This metal Tolix can warm the heart to design the same small size children's style

Some families choose to buy children's chairs for their children alone, and there are many places for toddlers who need chairs, so this Tolix children's chair is also a good choice, with many colors, which is very suitable for children.


4. Unlike ordinary chairs, metal Tolix can satisfy people of different sizes

The designer considers that there are more obese people, our Tolix chair is specially designed to meet the large size seat.