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Industrial farmhouse style metal dining chairs and tables

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Industrial farmhouse style metal dining chairs and tables

1.About farmhouse

I think farmhouse is a building, A large, industrial, old-fashioned house.

It serves as the primary residence in a rural or agricultural setting.

Farmhouse Mainly distributed in Europe and North America.

In Europe,it is primarily in France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Norway, Spain.

In North America, farmhouse is primarily in Canada and United States.

Farmhouses in different countries have different styles.

In Canada farmhouse, the kitchen being the most important room in the house.

American farmhous usually built with local material, and included a dominant centrally-located fireplace for cooking and heating.


2.Farmhouse with metal dining chairs and tables.

Before I worked in jinhui chair Co,LTD.,,I did not know much about the industrial farmhouse.

And i am also didn't know more about metal dining chairs and tables.

I have seen metal tables and chairs in restaurant in china, But I didn't care about their style in that time.

I just thought that for the sake of durability, the owner chose this kind of metal tables and chairs.

Until I worked in jinhui, I know this metal chairs and tables had it's name and origins, they were metal industrial furniture.

Such As Tolix metal chair, which is a representative of industrial cottage furniture.

metal dining room for farmhouse

We know that the kitchen and cooking room is very import in farmhouse,

So we can see many people searched metal dining house chair, metal dining table, farmhouse table with metal chairs on internet.

What kinds of metal dining chairs are suitable for farmhouse?

I think tolix type chairs and tables will be the best choose.

And it is also proven to be a widely accepted style of table and chair now.

metal chair and table

HJINHUI produce the metal dining chairs and tables for farmhouse.

It is a modernism style chair, with the wrought iron material, Contemporary industrial farmhouse style.

This chair is Durable and comfortable, Stackability greatly saves space and facilitates transportation.

metal stackable side chair for farmhouse

If you feel the metallic texture is a little bit cold, Matching fabric cushion will be a good choice.

Besides comfortable, the chair that adds cushion shows its softness and recreational warmth more.

tolix metal chair with coushion


Hjinhui Metal Square Dining Table with Wood Table Top also is a Metal industrial style table.

It is suitable for the farmhouse.

It is a perfect addition to the farmhouse dining room.

With distresses finish metal legs and elm wood table top,

which made this table sturdy and durable, Maybe you can use him for the rest of your life.

These are industrial stools chairs and tables, which aligns with it's decor farmhouse style.

metal table for farmhouse