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How to pick the perfect coffee table

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How to pick the perfect coffee table

Side coffee table

The living room is the heart of our home, the place where we gather, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. 

When it comes to decorating the living room, ideas are generally centred around getting a cushy couch for us to sink into after a long day or having a cool TV and audio set for binge-watching over the weekends.

One critical piece of living room furniture that usually does not receive the attention it deserves is the coffee table. 

A fitting coffee table is more than a mere companion for our couches.

With the right design, material and size, a coffee table not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our living room, but is also a crucial centrepiece that makes the living area more functional and versatile. Here are some handy ideas that you should keep in mind when choosing coffee tables for your living room.



Match the size of your coffee table and side tables to your other furniture. 

Your coffee table should be slightly lower than your sofa and about two thirds the length. 

Make sure there's enough room to walk around your coffee table; otherwise your interior will feel cramped.


Round, square or rectangular? The shape of your coffee table or side tables has an impact on the atmosphere in the room. 

For example, rounded shapes create a softer, more inviting effect and are safer for children. 

Square coffee tables work well in large rooms, while rectangular ones are better for smaller rooms.


Many coffee tables and side tables offer convenient storage space. 

They’re not just surfaces to put down drinks, food or books on, but also storage solutions for things you'd rather not leave lying around. 

Then again, if you already have plenty of cupboard space, you can opt for an eye-catching design and make it a very decorative item.


For a small room, your safest bet is a glass table, as it makes the room optically larger. 

Are you looking for a coffee table to fill a large space? Then wood is your best choice, providing an instant warm and cosy effect. 

If you want to move your side tables around a lot, for instance when you have guests over, choose lightweight materials.


Whether you choose one coffee table or several smaller tables that slide into one another, make sure they fit your lifestyle and your interior. 

At H JINHUI you will find very sculptural and eye-catching pieces as well as more functional or more classic ones. 

Remember that side tables are useful throughout the house: as a bedside table, as a serving table in the dining room, and even in the bathroom.