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HouseHold Products

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H Jinhui household products

Everyone longs for a neat and orderly home, The home goods market will never disappear.
If you're in the housewares business, Congratulations, you found the best goods source!

Now, Welcome to visit the H Jinhui Household products page!

Here you can find a lot of simple home furnishings, such as Hanger, shoe rack, dirty clothes basket, Slide Out Storage, Laundry Bathroom Kitchen Slim Storage Cart, double laundry hamper collapsible laundry hamper, PP plastic Adjustable Plastic Shoes Rack, etc.
If you want to bulk other household articles which you can’t find on our website, Just leave your message to us, we will give you all you want within 2 hours!

H Jinhui is committed to becoming a wholesale supplier of furniture and household goods.
We produce the metal and plastic products since 1958. 
In 2003, we began to produce household furniture products.
The products we produce mainly include metal chairs, metal tables, plastic chairs, plastic tables, and other metal and plastic products for domestic.
Now We own design team to design a variety of shapes, rich personality of new products, while providing customers to sample processing services. 

If you want to Customize certain products, warmly welcome to contact us, we also provide one-stop processing services for our customers.
We have all processing machinery equipment, such as Tube bending machines, laser cutting machine tool, Stamping machine,etc.

Strong technical force, to meet existing production and development of new products need to meet to map sample processing needs.
We also can manufacture semi finished articles and finished articles with customer's materials.

Our customers high-quality products in the industry we can provide professional services tube bending process and other ODM that we can to provide customers with more comprehensive service.

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