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H Jinhui Backless Counter Height Metal Bar Stools

  • Height metal counter stools
  • H Jinhui
  • JHMS02
  • Steel
  • L42*W42*H66.5(CM)
  • 4
  • OEM & ODM
  • Height Metal Bar Stools
  • Stackable+Multicolors

Product Description

Metal counter height stools

1.With the matel structure,H Jinhui adopt 1.0 steel material, which make sure the chairs are very sturdy and durable, bearing at least 200kg, can be used for at least 10 years.

2.All H Jinhui metal chairs at high temperature paint, sandblasting masking surface protection coating, high temperature paint baking. Which make sure the surface of the metal chairs are  natural and smooth, and not easy to rust.

3.Hole in the seat - it make sure easily pick up the stools with one hand and move them for vacuuming, etc.

black metal bar stool (5)

The material is thick, the surface is smooth, very comfortable to sit on. Hole in the seat make it easily to pick up.

black metal bar stool (6)

Heat the surface enamel treatment,shiny bright and uniform, high strength, high temperature, corrosion-resistant.

white metal counter stools (7)Bottom crossing support design, increase supprt strength, very solid.

The Rubber Pads to Avoid scratches.

white metal counter stools (8)

1.0mm super tough streel metal legs

made it more stable and durable.

It can bearing 200kg.

non-slip mat for metal chairs

Quiet foot, Hjinhui metal chairs adopt ware-resisting rubber pad, protect the floor from scratches. And very quiet.

We, H Jinhui are a professional manufacturer of household products, and we have two facetories.

All sizes are customizable.

The Stackable metal bar stool can save more space, and all colors are customizable.

stackable metal bar stool

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