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Eames plastic chair widely used scenes

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Eames plastic chair widely used scenes

Last time we introduced the Eames plastic chair development, now will show you our Eames plastic chair’s widely used scenes.

2Eames chairs scenes (3)


Many customers choose the simple and practical chairs to use them at home. Especially white color Eames plastic chair is a good choice, such as a round wood dining table, 4 chairs with 1 table, enjoy your simple happy life.

White Eames Chair (2)

And our Eames plastic chair each legs has plastic foot pad, it protects your floor from damage when you move the chair, and also reduces the noise impact of friction.

The Eames plastic chair seat and back are whole model, surface is smooth and easy to clean. And we use 100% new PP material, environmental and tasteless. If you spill juice or coffee, don't worry, this chair is waterproof. You use a wet towel to clean a simple wipe, very easy to take care of.

 2Eames chairs scenes (2)

In addition to white, black is also a good choice, more versatile and looks cool. If your home background colorful, you can choose black Eames plastic chairs too, check this picture please.

 2Eames chairs scenes (4)

Of course we have more colors of Eames plastic chair for your choose, you even could buy different colors chairs for your home, create a colorful life.

colorful Eames chair

Hey, if you have cute kids, don't forget to buy a kids Eames plastic chair for them.

Kids Eames chairs (1)