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Creative ways to use a side table

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Creative ways to use a side table

Sometimes, the smallest pieces can have the biggest impact, and that’s certainly true for the side table. Its importance in any room can’t be underestimated, but because of its size, it’s usually a decorating afterthought, squeezed in next to a sofa, armchair or bed. But a small side table is also an incredibly versatile piece of furniture.


Originally, side tables were used to serve tea, as seen in Manners and Rules of Good Society (1913): “Tea and coffee should be served from a side table by the servants in attendance.” This got us thinking – what else could a side table be used for? From bars to bookshelves, here are 9 of our favourite creative ways to use a side table.



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  3. Create office storage with side tables

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  6. Can side tables give your flowers the power?

  7. Use your side table as a TV stand

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  9. How can a side table add colour to a room?


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With a little imagination, side tables can become pretty much anything, used in an assortment of ways, for lots of different purposes.