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Guide you choose fantastic tolix metal chair

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Guide you choose fantastic Tolix metal chair

   If you are interested in home/ commercial decorating, if you always read articles about latest interior decorating trends, you have probably heard Tolix chairs. Actually Tolix serie include Tolix Chairs and Tolix Bar Stools.


Tolix chair/ stool usage wide very widely, No matter be used in dining room, sitting room, study, the bedroom, also suit for bistrarbo, coffee room, bar and so on. Let us show you some customer review picture:


There are several tips we prepared for your reference, when you buy tolix metal chairs or tolix metal bar stools.

  1. Ask seller what's the weight of tolix metal chair?

    --- Due to metal chair heavier, metal sheet thicker. 

  2. Ask seller if their tolix metal chair could used outdoor?

    --- Can be used in outdoor metal chairs, paint added anti-UV, paint adhesion better.

  3. Ask seller what's the chair foot pad material?

    --- Rubber material chair foot pad protect your floor, no slip and no noisy, provide you perfect usage experience.

Tolix metal bar stools several choose:

all metal bar stools( colorful color choices) 

size choices, the tolix metal bar stools height are 46cm, 66cm and 76cm

bar stools with wooden seat and metal legs

all tolix metal bar stools could add little backrest and big backrest.


Do you learn more about Tolix chair and Tolix bar stool today?