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Different Packing Methods of Metal Chairs

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Different Packing Methods of Metal Chairs



Metal chairs have been widely used in different scenes.

If there is different use, you may need different packing methods of metal chairs.


When you need sample chair for checking quality first.

We can do package 1pcs per carton or 2pcs per carton for you.

We will try to make the carton size smaller and will help you to reduce sample freight cost.


When you need the chairs for personal use or are as a retailer.

The regular and best package methods should be 4pcs/ctn.

This carton is small and the weight of per carton is not heavy.

It’s easy for you to move and storage.

It’s also helpful for retailer to arrange second delivery.

By the way, 5pcs/ctn and 6pcs/ctn are also available to customize for you.

The disadvantage is the total volume of goods is larger.

You may take much cost for freight cost.

 4pcs stackable metal chairs

When you need the chairs for wholesale or rent.

You may need the best loading quantity in container to save cost.

The more loading quantity would be the better for you.

Then we provide you the solution of package which is 15pcs/ctn or bulk package.

The loading quantity of 40HQ can be up to more than 1500pcs.

In this case, it’s really helpful for you to reduce cost.

But the disadvantage is that the weight of per bulk is much heavier.

It’s not easy to load or move.

You may need to use other means of transportation, like forklift.

15pcs stackable metal chairs

At present, we normally provide these packing methods of metal chairs as above.

If you have any other requirements about package, we can also customize for you.

If you are interested in to get detail information about package like carton weight and carton size,

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.