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Design Features Of The Eames Chair

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Design Features Of The Eames Chair



The eames chair is a classic dining chair designed by the eames couple in the United States in 1956.

The eames lounge chair, designed by Mr. And Mrs. Eames, has become a permanent collection at MOMA, the most important museum of modern art in the United States!

Still loved by the world.

In 2003, it was listed as the world's best product design forest.


 charles eames chair



Comfort Points of Ray Eames chair

1.Seat height: should be equal to crus length, after sitting crus nature prolapse, the sole of the foot just falls on the ground.Too high, hanging legs, there is too much pressure under the thigh for long time, it’s not good;If the seat surface is too low, the thigh is less than the seat surface, the human body weight concentrates to the buttocks,it’s not comfortable.


2. Seat depth: the chair that gives priority to seat, the depth of seat surface should be equal to the length of thigh. The bend of knee joint is next to the side of chair after sitting. If the seat surface is too deep, the waist back does not have to fall;If the seat surface is too shallow, the thigh does not have enough support, all uncomfortable.


3. The material of the surface and back of the chair: both should be "soft outside and rigid inside" type -- the support should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of elastic layer.The outermost material in contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and not easy to produce static electricity with the human body or clothing.


ray eames chair


This is the introduction of ray eames chair that with a normal chair of features and characteristics.

At the same time its unique appearance is not suitable for double use, but it doesn't affect their performance, low cost, and light weight.

It’s a practical product that worth to use charles eames chair.