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Why more people choose metal Tolix chairs/stools and tables for their restaurants or cafes?

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Why more people choose metal Tolix chairs/stool and tables for their restaurants or cafes?

Do you want to choose some metal Tolix chairs/stool and tables for the restaurant or cafe you will be running?

I am a professional metal table and chair manufacturer to suggest you that metal Tolix chairs/stool and tables will be your best choice.

There are several styles below, and one style is always suitable for you:

1. Do you like the colorful layout? Metal Tolix chairs can do it for you

 metal chairs

 metal chairs color card

This colorful chair can fully meet your color requirements

It will present you a beautiful restaurant:

metal tolix chairsrestaurant metal chair 

2. Do you like an industrial style layoutMetal Tolix chairs can do it for you

It is a good choice whether it is iron or solid color, or old retro color

metal chairsrestaurant metal chairold metal chairs 

3. Do you think this chair is too small to fit the European crowd or your customers? Don't worry, we can provide oversized seats.

big size metal chairsbig size metal chairsbig size metal chairs 


This design of the metal chairs not only increases the size of the seat, but also adds armrests. This ergonomic structure design can bring people a comfortable and high-end experience of fashion trends. It also fits perfectly with Europeans or tall people. So you do n’t have to worry about size at all

4. In addition to metal chairs, do you want some metal stools and tables? This metal series can satisfy you, and you can also make a complete combination of color and style

metal stools 

The color of metal chairs, stools and tables can be exactly the same to meet the uniform style of the interior.

Metal chairs, stools and tables can be made of all metal, or all elm seat / desktop

metal chairs with wood cushionmetal stools with wood cushionmetal chairs and tables 


All the above styles must be what you like, right? But you are still worried about such a large metal chair, the freight must be expensive? no.

In order to reduce your shipping costs, our factory has specially designed a detachable style. This design greatly reduces the packaging volume, which can reach 0.2 cubic meters / 4 chairs.It is almost half smaller than other manufacturers, which can save you a lot of shipping costs


Packaging from ordinary manufacturers:

metal chair packing 

Packaging in our factory: (backrest and seat are installed separately, and the goods can be easily installed with screws)

metal chairs seatmetal chairs back 


Was it attracted by our careful design? If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

If you have better suggestions about the design you can provide to us, we would be very grateful

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