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Introduction of wooden plastic chair from H Jinhui

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Introduction of wooden plastic chair from H Jinhui

We all know that H Jinhui have a line of wooden plastic chairs.

It includes a variety of wooden plastic chairs, such as Eames chairs, Tulip chairs and other wood plastic chairs and so on.

All of the wood plastic chairs have the similar appearance and structure, and they usually use the same material, such as beech legs and PP Plastic.

Today We will learn about the wooden plastic chair of H Jinhui.

  1. Eames type wood plastic chairs.

Eames type wood plastic chair is one of main products of H Jinhui.

It is made of ergonomic curved chair surfaces and crossed steel wood legs.

Eames type chairs

The meterial of H Jinhui Eame chairs seat are high quality PP plastic.

So Do you know what is PP material? Now let us know more about it.

PP is the abbreviation of Polypropylene.

Polypropylene is used in a wide array of plastic products including textiles and medium-duty objects like remote controls,

Large plastic tubs of chairs. It is a semi - crystalline material. It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point.

It is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and water.

It is a kind of plastic material which is very high quality and suitable for household goods.

The legs of H Jinhui Eames Type wood plastic chairs are beech, which is fixed by a steel cross structure.

Why we choose the beech as eames chair's leg?

Because beech has many advantages. You can read as below:

   1).The beech material is hard and resistant to impact.

It has the advantage of wood color, hardness and texture.

Besides these advantages, relative to the real wood furniture of other materials, the load-bearing property of ju wood furniture is particularly good, and the compressive resistance is strong.

   2).More durable

If the environment that beech wood furniture places is drier, so they are won't appear the circumstance of deformation, at the same time beech wood furniture is more wear-resisting, because this it still has the characteristic that wears well.

   3).Nice looking

Look from exterior,beech wood furniture quality of a material is particularly even, grain is very beautiful also, tonal relatively downy and fluent, can give a person a kind of be aware of pleasing to the eye feeling.

Becuase of this, Our Eames type chairs or tulip, or other types of wood plsatic chairs, all of them use the beech as the the legs' wood materials.

Beech wood legs of eames

  2.Tulip chairs.

Tulip chairs also be called Eames chair. But it has one different from Eames chair.

The difference between them is the chair's base.

You can see the base of Eames is the support frame of the metal structure, which is combined with the wooden leg.

But for Tulip chair, you can see it is wooden cross-legged structure.

They have the same Seat and legs materials.

Legs of Eames Chair:

Legs of tulip chair:

3.Other Wood-plastic chairs.

You can see several other wooden plastic chairs in H Jinhui shop.

They have different seats or chair legs. Such as Tub Chair or modern dining chairs. They just have different looks, but they have the same material.

More About Wood plastic dining chairs, please visit: https://www.hjinhui.com/wood-plastic-chairs.html

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