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How To Choose Dining Chairs for Your Home

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How To Choose Dining Chairs for Your Home

The dining table is the main location for socialising in the home, from long lazy Sunday breakfasts to extended dinner parties, it is the place where family and friends unite together.

Traditionally dining tables and chairs were bought as matching sets. Today’s market however, is open to endless style combinations. Mix and match is by far more interesting, than the conventional matching set, but also involves more thought and consideration to put together.

dinning chair and table

So before rushing into making a purchase, it is important to consider the following points when choosing a dining chair for your home.


It is essential that your dining room chairs fit comfortably around the table, the height and width should be measured. The average chair needs approximately 6 inches of space at either side, to allow diners to move freely in their chairs. Restricted space around the dining table may cause your guests to knock elbows and feel cramped.

Narrow chairs tend not to be comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, whereas fewer wider chairs can fit around the table. Dining chairs also need to have enough space behind them to allow guests to freely push their seats back without bumping into other furniture or a wall. Finding the right balance between size and aesthetics is key to a pleasant dining experience.

Style and Design

Having established the approximate dimensions of the chairs needed, you will now be in position to choose the style and design.

Regardless of whether you choose matching or non-matching, there should be a common design element linking the chairs to the table – whether it be the material or the form and lines of the furniture.


Consider how much you and your guests will be using your dining chairs. Choosing upholstery fabric with armrests, provided you have the space, will inevitably offer greater comfort.


Do the chairs feel sturdy? Independently of the price tag, the chairs should feel stable and not wobble – a robust chair will last longer. A high-quality chair should be well manufactured using only the best materials.

dinning chair

If you require help choosing dining chairs, or if you need design advice, contact The Chair People.

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