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Always by your side: side tables to suit any style.

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Always by your side: side tables to suit any style.

The beauty of side tables comes in their practicality, size and multitude of unique styles. We have all looked around at one point for somewhere to place a glass, a book, or a set of keys. What better reason is there to invest in a piece of furniture that is always there when you need it?

Metal Side Table

Experiment with materials

Side tables are often being a smaller piece of furniture in the home. It’s a great opportunity to experiment with different materials to add new textures to your interiors. As opposed to wood, try marble, glass, metal or even rattan pieces.

Metal Side Table (2)

Embrace colour

In the same way that you can experiment with textures and materials, colours should not go untouched. Colourful side tables can add the perfect amount of subtle character to an interior space. Perhaps opt for a statement piece in a vibrant colour to match or contrast with its surroundings.

Coffee Side Table (1)

Coffee Side Table (2)

Who needs just one?

As the old adage goes, the more the merrier, and the same goes for side tables. Oftentimes, we use them as bookends to beds or sofas. They work well as matching pairs, or, for a more convenient, space-saving option, nesting tables should be your go-to. This way you are able to work with different levels and dimensions to suit your interior spaces.

Metal Side Table

Side tables are a household essential. It’s easy to underestimate its importance, but they are the perfect way to add personality and practicality to your home.

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